a great financial plan to help you achieve your goals

“Cervello have truly been a great help in assisting myself and my family business to become more organised and financially effective.”

Saija Mahon, MD at Mahon Digital

the action you need to take with your financial affairs

“Cervello helped me immensely by collating my various pensions into a single pot, enabling me to manage my pension options much easier.”
Garry Pound, Sales Director at Keri Systems

on what you need to do to recruit, reward and retain your best people

Cervello Financial Planning provided me with professional and expert advice, and having got to know my individual requirements, arranged a bespoke solution to protect myself and my family’s financial well-being.
Dan Evans, MD at Evans Insurance

your way to the life you deserve

Cervello have always provided a first-class service to my clients. All the team provides a clear, friendly and efficient service and my clients have continued to be impressed.
Clive Myers, Director at Myers & Co Accountants

Supporting you and your business.

At Cervello we spend our time helping clients like you achieve their financial goals.

For our individual clients this means supporting them as we build a financial plan and then clarifying the actions we need to take in order to achieve their goals.

For our employer clients this means helping them reward, retain and recruit the best people for their business. We do this by ensuring that our employer clients meet their automatic enrolment obligations but also by taking the time to understand what makes both the business owners and their teams tick.

We like to talk…so if you want to understand a bit more about how we can help you feel free to call us on 01708 606 202 0r email today.

What our clients say

  • Richard has truly been a great help in assisting myself and my family business to become more organised and financially effective. He’s also a highly efficient connector and has pool of talent around him that can only help to enhance our wealth management, business practises and family life. Thank you Richard! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

    Saija Mahon Mahon Digital Marketing
  • I was introduced to Cervello Financial Planning through our FSB membership. I’m so glad they did because Cervello quickly appraised my pension situation and presented me with a comprehensive report and recommendation. I liked their clear transparent approach and service charge choices. I took their recommendation and one year on my portfolio out-performed my expectations and I paid lower charges! I highly recommend Cervello FP.

    Trevor Cullen
  • First impressions are very important and from the first time I met Chris it was abundantly clear that he was genuinely friendly and sincere. As I’ve got to know him better I realise this warm, friendly exterior is backed up by a wealth of knowledge and an absolute desire to achieve only the best possible results for his clients.

    Steve Clarke CDML
  • Chris is an open minded, outward looking person, willing to help people because he recognises the importance of ‘paying it forward’. He has listened and provided me with excellent advice, and within the space of a couple of meetings has created a trust that encourages me to listen out for phrases from colleagues that might mean Chris can help these people out in the future and gain business at the same time

    Jessica Lines Natural Health Products
  • Chris is an excellent IFA and conducts his practice with professionalism, patience and honesty. His clients are given clear explanations of the products recommended and the related fees and management charges. His presentation skills are impressive, and delivered with a confidence borne out of sound technical knowledge and a natural reassuring manner.

  • Chris has helped me plan out my Personal investment plan, which is now starting to come to fruition, definately recommend him.

    Paul Schafer RWP Management Ltd
  • Having used IFA’s for many years I recently switched to Cervello and have been delighted with the service.  Their reports and advice are clear and easy to understand and they appear to have my best interests at heart.

    Tony Barritt, Managing Director at Investor in Customers
  • Richard helped me immensely by collating my various pensions into a single pot, enabling me to manage my pension options much easier, at the same time allowing me to take a lump sum tax free, for a specific purchase.

    Garry Pound, Sales Director at Keri Systems
  • Thanks heavens I met Chris. He really knows his stuff when it comes to finance and getting you sorted out. He is very approachable and can explain the relevant financial matters easily. Highly recommended to any business.

    Gary Williams
  • Chris and I are working on a couple of joint projects designed to deliver excellent service to our mutual clients. I find Chris to be a proactive , customer focused business partner and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him.

    Bode Olaniyan, CEO at abacus59
  • Chris is foremost a "people enabler" because his focus is on building relationships and sharing knowledge through his blog posts. As an IFA he is committed to ensuring your safety net through top quality financial planning and family protection.

    Ade Awokoya, Business Growth Coach London
  • Cervello Financial Planning provided me with professional and expert advice, and having got to know my individual requirements, arranged a bespoke solution to protect myself and my family's financial well-being.  I would highly recommend his services.

    Dan Evans, Insurance Broker at Evans Insurance
  • I can’t recommend Chris highly enough.  Chris is wonderful to work with, he is knowledgeable, a lovely guy, and most importantly, I trust him to always have my best interests at heart and give me the best advice.

    Nikki Westoby, Director of Neuroscience at Nielsen Neuro
  • Cervello have always provided a first class service to my clients.  All the team provides a clear, friendly and efficient service and my clients have continued to be impressed.

    Clive Myers, Director at Myers & Co. Accountants Limited
  • Chris is thorough in his research, and explains financial terms in a manner which is understandable by all. He also has an approachable and friendly demeanor which means that dealing with Chris is a pleasure and not a chore.

    Sophie Ishmael
  • Chris is a very special sort of chap - not only an expert in his field and a top adviser and businessman, but also a pleasure to be around.  He is enthusiastic, hardworking and always thinking of others.

    Jane Malyon, The English Cream Tea Co for corporate, retail & export
  • I found Chris Daems very helpful and friendly he also has an up to date knowledge of the tax system, he helped me arrange my pension to my best advantage and keeps in touch at regular intervals to see if my investments are performing to my satisfaction.

    R Chapman
  • I would not hesitate to recommend Chris as a financial adviser. He didn’t push his ideas on to me, listened carefully and checked several times I was happy with his suggestions before setting up my new portfolio.

    John Cook
  • The advice that I have received from the team at Cervello has assisted me making the most out of my investments. Their explanations of the various risk levels and what they mean in real terms helped me to find the right portfolio for me, protecting what I need to and taking a more adventurous approach where justified.

    A Grey
  • Chris has been able to provide me simple and effective advice about the tricky subject of financial services, most recently on automatic enrolment. He has a clear way of explaining complex topics and is invaluable to any discussion when considering how businesses should protect both themselves and their employees for the future.

    Tim Carter, In House Counsel at The Warranty Group
  • I've worked with Richard for many years now. Would highly recommend him. Superb at his job. Very professional and has become a trusted friend.

    Michael Douglas, Owner, Brushed Ltd
  • I have used Richard on a number of occasions, for both my business and personnel financial issues. Richard has always proved to be very knowledgeable and professional. He has always explained any questions I have had. His services have also proved to be very reasonably priced for the advice and services he offers. I would highly recommend him to anyone require sound financial advice.

    Neil Andrew, Owner, Flexible Training
  • Richard has provided my family with superb advice, saved us money on various policies all without the usual sell sell sell that you get with IFA's. Thoroughly recommend him.

    Matthew Purser, Director at Bread Digital
  • Richard has great access to information and offers informed and great value advice on a wide range of financial advice. I would have absolutely no problem in recommending Richard to look after your financial requirements.

    Nick Hardy, Founder and Director at Scout - Talent Detectives
  • Chris and his team at Cervello have seamlessly supported our company throughout the whole auto-enrolment process.  They continue to be amazingly supportive, efficient and professional, offering advice and keeping us updated with any legislation changes.  Chris, a huge thank you from all of us to all of you.

    Chickenshed Theatre Group
  • Richard has proved extremely helpful to me and to my late wife over the past 18 months. His advice has been especially useful, and as a result we were able to make decisions that enhanced our income significantly. He is always friendly, laid back and approachable, and seems to work seven days a week. I originally met Richard through a business networking group, and our meeting has proved to be one of the most financially useful I have experienced. Highly recommended.

    Nigel Cook
  • I have used the financial services of Chris Daems and his company for almost 10 years now, the quality of service is fast, friendly and exceptional. I could not recommend their services more highly.

    Geraldine Obi-Nwagwu, Managing Director at Lifecare Qualifications Ltd
  • "I love working with the Cervello team - they understand my needs, explain everything really clearly in language I understand so i know exactly what decisions are being made and why, and keep in touch. They think of things I need to act on before I have time to think of them myself! On top of that, they are friendly and approachable. I couldn't recommend them more highly!"

    Joanna Edge Financial Times
  • Sam marries finance to a life plan and goals which makes absolute sense to me. I find the process of saving and investment difficult to comprehend and am pleased to find that I actually understand what I hear!  I feel I can now relate to my money in a healthy way.
    Sarah Bee Artist
  • The service is excellent.  In particular, Sam listens and then discusses options and opinions rather than the other way around.
    Barry Retired management consultant. Hampshire.
  • " Have been using Sam for a number of years now and found his kind and personal approach alongside his expertise a real support. The future life financial planning software has given a lay person like me the ability to really grasp how the decisions I am making today can affect my future. Being able to flex and make assumptions has been a vital tool in decision making".

    Sally Parsons Director , Bedfordshire
  • Sam world-class expertise and professionalism has lead the way in our financial planning and execution to give us a truly secure future.

    Paul Davis Retired IT Sales
  • We have known Sam for a while now and he has been extremely patient and understanding to our (often) chaotic professional lives in getting something set up. His advice has always been sage and clear. He has taken time to understand our business and our personal situations also. He has proven to be someone we can relate to and he has gained our trust implicitly.

    Mat Hodgson Co-Founder, CEO and Director, Production Company
  • Through his expert financial knowledge and understanding Sam Whybrow’s advice and guidance has allowed us to make considered and focused decisions concerning our future wealth management.
    It is a true testament to Sam’s people skills that he has generated a trusted and valued working relationship. Not only that we actually like the guy.
    Phil Hobbis ,Hampton Hill Partner, Creative Design Agency
  • “When you deal with Sam, you know that you can trust his recommendations implicitly, and live a better life”

    ERIC GILSTON Business Coach & Author.
  • "Cervello provides the expertise and management of our financial portfolio with a special element of personal care and attention. Our comfort and trust is absolute."

    Steve Green Retired, Oil & Gas Consultant

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