Why we’re not making any reactionary changes based on the election result

As the dust settles on another election result I’ve got to be perfectly frank. Whilst I love a good election I’m suffering from ‘election apathy’ now!

I got massively stuck into understanding the pros and cons of remaining in Europe, I followed the American Elections avidly and I was even excited when Theresa May announced the ‘snap election’.

However now I’d rather a period of time where I’m not asked to vote for anything else. I’m not asking for long to recover from my new found Election-itis…maybe 2 or 3 years and then I’ll be as enthusiastic as ever!

The reality is that I quite like the cut and thrust of political debate…what annoys me a little is the constant noise twenty four hour news culture and social media creates.

However often when it comes to investing your money it’s probably worth ignoring most of the noise.

When our clients invest with us we follow a number of principles…

Firstly it’s to be entirely frank with you when it comes to how we look after your money. When it comes to investing our clients hard earned money we don’t make promises we can’t keep. We don’t pretend we’ve got some magic insight into the market or some sort of special crystal ball. We talk frankly about the risks associated when it comes to investing money aligned with the potential rewards but confirm the risks involved and are realistic about what you should expect.

Secondly it’s to ensure we follow the scientifically proven principals of investing well. We diversify based on our clients attitude to risk. We keep an eye on the costs of all of our clients investments making sure that our clients are getting decent value for money (Cost of investments can have a massive impact) and we base our recommendations on academic research not speculation.


Thirdly it’s not to be too reactionary. You see knee jerk reactions based on political volatility don’t usually result in the right decisions being made. So, whilst we’re always here for our clients we’re not going to be recommending you make any changes to where your money is invested but instead continue to follow the principals years of academic research have told us is the most appropriate way to look after your money.

We take the responsibility of managing your hard earned money hugely seriously and this is the reason we make our recommendations based on these principals.

So, we won’t be suggesting you make any changes to your investments due to the election result and will continue to manage your money prudently, sensibly and based on what the evidence tells us.

However we’re always around if you need us so feel free to get in touch on 01708 606 202 or you can email us at cassiedaems@cervellofp.co.uk if you feel you need to talk anything in this article through…


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