Why we’re super pleased that Stella has joined Team Cervello

We’re fantastically proud of our team here at Cervello.

As we build our business we seem to be attracting people who want to join our business who have (in our humble opinion) superb knowledge, great skills and are good people.

It’s also important that they share our values. You see we believe that we’re here to ‘do well’ and ‘do good’.

This means not only focusing on our businesses commercial success but also on making sure we do the right thing every single time. After all we’re here to help…

We’re here to help our private clients get to a point where they are clear about their financial plan (and much much more)


We’re here to help our corporate clients ensure they comply with automatic enrolment regulation but also reward, recruit and retain their best employees.

It’s why I’m so pleased that Stella Quarm has recently joined our team. You see Stella has years of experience in helping employers (and the professionals who work with them) to comply with automatic regulation and has plenty of experience helping sophisticated employers large and small navigate their obligations when putting in place workplace pensions not only to meet their obligations under the law but also to ensure that when it comes to recruiting, retaining and rewarding their teams the pension they put in place played a part.

I’ve known Stella for a number of years now and I’m super pleased she’s joined us. Not only because of her technical expertise and ability to help employers but also because of the kind of person she is…and that’s the kind of person we like to work with at team Cervello.

The kind of person who believes in doing the right thing, communicating openly and fairly and working to do the right thing.

The kind of person who understand the value we add to our corporate clients but is focused on charging fairly for that value.


The kind of person who believes that work should be an enjoyable experience and therefore is fun to be around!

That’s the reason we’re super excited that Stella is now part of team Cervello…I hope you join me in wishing her all the best as part of our team.

To see how Stella (or any of our team) can help you or your business feel free to contact us on 01708 606 202 or you can email us at cassiedaems@cervellofp.co.uk.


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