The importance of influence in finding the right role

Whilst I’m not in the habit of reading long reports issued as part of a government mandated review…I do make an exception on the odd occasion. However there does need to be a really really good reason why.

Now due to the work we do with corporate clients I thought I’d read the recently published ‘Good Work’ report which explores the changing nature of work in the UK, how innovation and technology has an impact and what makes people happy at work.

Now understanding a little more about the changing face of work in the UK helps us in two ways. Firstly it helps understand what actions we can take might help our corporate clients but in addition to this it often helps us think about our business in a different way.

For me one of the most interesting elements of the report (which you can read in full here) is what the research said about what was important to people within a business. All of the benefits you’d typically expect to be important (like wages, work life balance and the training provided) were all there however one particular aspect which members of business found important stood out above any other…

You see one of the things employees felt was important was ‘Consultative Participation’ and ‘Collective representation’.

Effectively being listened to and your good ideas being taken forward was an important part of workplace happiness…

It’s why we try to make sure that we recommend our employer clients talk to their teams about what employee benefits might help them stay with the business and recruit great people just like them.


It’s why in our own business we actively encourage our team to share their own ideas…and more importantly try to take action on the ones which help drive our business forward.

So, if you’d like to know how we help employers tailor their employee benefits specifically for their teams or you’re someone who want to work with a financial planning firm which believes in implementing good ideas feel free to contact us on 01708 606202, alternatively, you can email us at


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