Why our family values drive our business and if you share these values why we might be the right place for your next career move

As I’ve mentioned before everything we do as a business has a few key drivers.

Now you might assume that the one and only driver was financial…but you would be wrong.

You see the main driver for me is deeper than that. It’s fatherhood.

For me being a dad means being a role model. Being a Dad means doing the right thing.

Being Dad means ‘doing well’ but also ‘doing good’

Interestingly whilst as a professional financial planning isn’t seen in this way…for me it’s fundamental on how we run our business….and it’s the reason we like to work with people who share those values.

You see the people who decide to join our business understand our values. Always treat people fairly, have fun but also constantly challenging yourself to (as an individual and a professional) develop, learn and grow. Are these quirky values for a business? Maybe ..buy there the values I use personally an pervade throughout my business.

That means that for some financial professionals (as well as clients) we’re not the right business to work with as we don’t share their particular value set.

However for financial planners and advisers who share our desire to do well and do good, are value driven and understand the importance of fairness, fun and development then we just might be the right cultural fit.

To chat more about how we might be able to work together feel free to get in touch on 01708 606202 or you can email us at cassiedaems@cervellofp.co.uk.

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