What are you grateful for?

 On Thanksgiving day I was chatting with one of our clients and now a good friend too. As we are both interested in psychology and positive mindset we were discussing many topics as we normally do. During the conversation Eric (as he normally does) offered a pearl of wisdom that I had to share. Here it is in his words.


By Eric Gilston, Life Coach

“For many years with one of my businesses I had quite a number of Americans as my customers in the UK. I learned lots of things from them about their culture, history and habits.

The one thing that stood out for me was their celebration of Thanksgiving, and takes place on the fourth Thursday of November. What I loved about it was the fact that no presents were exchanged as it was the time when families get together.

One story I loved was about a family who would sit round the table for a traditional Thanksgiving meal, and with four generations around the table, each person would say one thing about what they were grateful for. The differences between what the young children would say compared to what their Great Grandparents would say, brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

It was from this story, and many more I heard, that I decided that every year, on the morning of Thanksgiving, I would sit at my computer and make a list of ALL the things that I was grateful for in my life, that had taken place over the past twelve months. I would include things relating to family, home, work, social, sport, friends, holidays, and lots more.

I would then carry this list around with me, so that if ever something happened during the day to make me feel down, even for a moment, I would read my list, and I would be back to realising how grateful I was for being alive.

Today, I have 40 items on my list, and I will add more as I think about what I forgot. If you are going to do this, then ask your partner and children to make their list independently, and then read them to each other. It’s up to you.”

Life can be hard. Talks of Brexit, Donald Trump or increasing political instability can get you down. Day-to-day pressures of life and money worries can create a sense of helplessness. So, how about trying Eric’s tip yourself. See if it makes a positive difference not only on Thanksgiving day but on any of the other 364 days of the year too.

Its a tip Ill use myself both personally and professionally. Thanks Eric

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