Why resolutions are pointless but planning is pretty powerful

For a few years now I’ve not made any new years resolutions.

The reason I stopped?

When I realised that out of all the new years resolutions I’ve made on either the 31st of December or on the 1st of January I’ve failed to keep very few of them for any significant length of time.

Apparently I’m not alone. According to a 2008 study by the university of Bristol 88% of us fail to keep the resolutions we make to ourself during the new year period.

However I’ve got an alternative…

I plan.

I set goals.

I revisit these goals regularly to check the progress I’ve made and the changes I need to make too.

I also appreciate that all of our plans, erm, might not actually go to plan…and that’s fine too as long as the process of planning helps me understand what I want to achieve and gets me closer to this destination.

I’m pretty sure I’ll fail to achieve my goals on occasion and I’m also pretty comfortable with this. I know that things will get in the way and the important thing is progress not perfection every single time.

I appreciate that my plans might change. My goals, hopes, dreams and aspirations are certainly different at Forty than they were at Twenty, Thirty or Thirty Six and a half and I’m sure they’ll continue to change as I venture further into my life.

However the reality is that goals are not achieved alone. There’s the support of friends and colleagues. There’s the support of mentors, coaches and people who help you plan…and for many of us there’s the huge amount of support, encouragement and motivation our families provide.

Let’s ignore resolutions…what’s your plan for this week, next month, the whole of 2018 and beyond?

For me the best plans, be it family, fitness or financially related, come with an understanding of where you want to get to. Then it’s important to understand where you want to be. Then it’s worth thinking about the ‘gap’ between the two and the time it might realistically take to close this gap.

Your plans will be based on your goals, dreams, hopes and aspirations and will be absolutely personal to you although I would humbly suggest that anything you want to achieve be it financial security, a healthier lifestyle or more time with the family should all be about making you happier!

So, what’s you plan for 2018? How about for the next 3 years? or even over the course of the next month?

You see whilst resolutions might not be particularly effective the process of planning is certainly worth thinking about today.

To find out how we can help you plan for your financial future and help you understand your own personal ‘financial gap’ so you can plan for your financial future please feel free to get in touch on 01708 606202 or you can email us at cassiedaems@cervellofp.co.uk.

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