Why when thinking about your money it’s important to ‘look in the mirror’

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There’s been hundreds of millions of words written on the web about the world of money. 

Thousands more words are added each and every day.

Many articles you’ll read will be fantastically useful.

Much written will be (and how do I put this politely), erm, absolute nonsense.

However the majority of the words written will fail in highlighting the most important thing you need to do…

Look in the Mirror

It’s interesting.

When we sit down with clients the initial conversation might start with the practical ‘stuff’. Our clients may have technical questions about pensions, or inheritance, or tax efficiency.

However often the conversation very quickly moves to a more nuanced discussion. A conversation about our clients hopes, dreams and aspirations.

A conversation about what they want to achieve in the upcoming years and how they want to spend their time.

A conversation about their aims, aspirations and goals.

Your goals might be travel related.

Your goals might be family focused.

Your goals might be about building a business where profit might be the driver but constructing something you can be proud of might be the aspiration.

However sometimes the challenge we’ve all got is that we work really hard to achieve ‘goals’ which we’ve never considered are really ours.

We climb a ladder only to get to the top to realise it’s propped up against the wrong wall.

It’s why we believe that one of the most important things our clients can do is to…

Look in the Mirror

By being introspective and taking some time thinking about what your ‘ideal life’ looks means that this picture can then inform what action you need to take with your financial plan.

So, take some time to be introspective.

Take some time to understand what your ‘ideal life’ looks like

Take some time to understand your values and your drivers.

Take some time to focus on what’s important to you and how you can spend more time focusing on this.

It’s important to understand that these goals, dreams and aspirations do change and the fact that plans don’t always ‘go to plan’.

But the most important thing you can do initially is to take some time thinking about what you want to achieve with your life before you start to focus on the technical decisions you need to make with your money…

Then your financial plan will be more clearly focused on the most important thing…

Using your money to live the life you really want.

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