PIXAR, My emotional forties and why UP makes my non existent hay fever become instantly worse

Increasingly, as I enter my forties, I find myself spending more time than I expected I’d do in my twenties or thirties, doing two things…

The first one is I’m now a lot more emotional.

I certainly laugh a lot more now than at any time in my life but I’ve also found that it doesn’t take as much now for me open to shedding a few more tears.

Now thankfully I don’t have much to cry about (I’m grateful for that) but tell me a story of sadness or a genuine tale of woe and I’ll suddenly find myself with inexplicable ‘watery eyes’. Even when I know I’m being cynically manipulated into emotion when watching my telly I’m still susceptible to a little tear or twelve.

The second is about the films I get to watch at the cinema nowadays…

You see I’ve got two daughters, 6 and 14 and therefore most of the movies I see at the cinema are films aimed at Families.

So instead of going to the pictures to see movies full of murder, mystery and gritty reality my typical trip to the cinema involves either singing pandas, forgetful fish and giant snoring ogres (and that’s just the other dads in the audience…Shrek isn’t too bad either!)

However I’d like to admit something today…

I love ‘family movies’

Increasingly all family movies are full of in knowing references directly to the adults in the audience, the good ones are full of jokes everyone laughs at and the best ones are supreme works of storytelling equaling some of the stories ever made.

For me there’s one firm which produces more good (and great) consistent kids films than any other…


For me, since the original Toy Story PIXAR have been at the forefront of telling incredible stories and including some of the challenges we all face not as children but as humans.

‘Inside out’ shared the importance of understanding emotion

‘Wall E’ was a tale of environmentalism in a world where everything is more convenient than ever before.


Whilst it’s not my favourite PIXAR movie there is 4 minutes and 21 seconds of UP which is incredible…

What’s that? Am I crying again? No it’s hay fever…

Seriously though this clip gets me every time.

It’s about a life well lived with someone you care about.

It’s a tale of how life knocks you down and how we all try (and often fail) to get back up.

It’s also a story about plans well made but where ‘life gets in the way’ and the difficulty many of us find ourselves getting on track…until often it’s too late.

It’s interesting

Much of the work we do as financial planners is to help our clients think about and support what they want to do with their lives.

Often that involves emotional conversations about what they want to achieve, how they ideally spend their time and what they regret.

By supporting our clients to visualise their financial future, guide them through the ups and downs life inevitably throws at us and support them to achieve what they actually want to do with their lives we can do one thing…

Make sure that when our clients make plan we guide them through a process so they’re more likely to achieve their goals than not.

If you’d like to talk about how we might be able to help feel free to give us a call us on 01708 606202 or you can email us at cassiedaems@cervellofp.co.uk.


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