Why most of my conversations with clients aren’t about money

Most of my conversations with many of my clients aren’t about money….

…they’re about life.

We talk about books, music, film.

We talk about family and friends.

We talk about what they’ve done in the past but (always more importantly) what, usually after a pretty successful life already, what they want to achieve in the future.

We talk about what motivates them, what inspires them and what makes them happy.

We talk about all aspects of their lives and (this is where the financial planning element comes in) work out how to ensure they’ve got a plan in place to achieve the life they want.

I feel lucky to work with our clients. Clients who (on the whole) I learn from as much as they benefit from me…

We act as a sounding board. We use technology to visualise their hopes dreams and aspirations. We provide them with a clear route to understand their finances better.

All too often when new clients approach us they come ‘to sort out their pensions’ or ‘to invest well’ however the reality is that they quickly come to an understanding that what we do is far broader than that.

We provide technical knowledge, and support them with the ‘product’ stuff designed to help them achieve their goals as well as helping them invest appropriately…

However the reality is that what we do is much more broad than that.

It’s a shame to say that, although there are a few, not all financial advisers or planners work the way we do.

They focus on product way too much. They put the money before the ‘life’. They have an incentive to sell you a product.

However we believe there’s a different way…

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