Why I’m a fan of GDPR and why it’s so important to ‘invest boring’

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For a decent period of time now I get hundreds of emails each and every week I’m never going to read…

Hundreds of them sat in my inbox waiting to be deleted until I actually found the time to have a clear out…and then the process would start again.

I thought GDPR would ensure that I’d spend a lot less time worrying about the ‘noise’ (and many of the emails which was hitting my inbox were mainly ‘noise’)

Now on the run up to GDPR I had an influx of emails, mainly to let me know that if I didn’t confirm I still wanted to receive a bunch of emails I’d stop receiving a bunch of emails.

Fine by me I thought…

However as the 25th of May 2018 passed I realised something…

I was certainly getting a lot less emails but was still receiving a number….

I patiently unsubscribed to a few and then one hit my inbox which made me think…

It was from the dubiously titled ‘Success investment Group’ and (Basically – I’ve paraphrased a little) said this…



Our analytics are predicting a bounce of 50% in 4 weeks!

Buy when the market is low….BUY THIS DIP

Click here to find out more


Curious I clicked the link….it took me to a page explaining how great investments were in a bunch of exciting sounding projects including Truffle farms, Care homes, Cryptocurrency and Irish hotels.

This all from a company not remotely regulated…and therefore anyone using them wouldn’t be afforded any protection if (or should I say when!) these investments go wrong!

It’s scary…

These companies do exist and whilst investments in alternative opportunities sound exciting let me offer some sage advice…

Invest Boring.

You see the reality is that whilst your life should be exciting…your investments should be pretty boring.

A well diversified portfolio of shares and bonds aligned to a risk level you’re comfortable with will certainly provide a better outcome than investments in luxury Caribbean Island Hotels or Carbon Credits….and due to the fact that so many of these exciting investments are also scams you’re doubly better off to invest in a low cost, well diversified portfolio.

You see by ‘investing boring’ over the longer term you’re more likely to be able to do something worthwhile….

Live exciting…

…and that’s far more valuable right?

Speak to us to find out how we might be able to help you feel free to get in touch on 01708 606 202 or hello@cervellofp.co.uk

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