The boiler conundrum and why we believe independence is best…

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Imagine this…

You come home on a typical Tuesday night and find that disaster has struck.

Your boiler has exploded!

You have a look on the interweb and rushed for time and in a panic you pick a local firm to help you sort your boiler situation out.

The man turns up, he looks at the boiler for a while makes some scary noises and finally comes in to deliver his diagnosis.

“I know what the problem is…” he says “and I know how to fix it! And I’ve ‘sort of’ got the tools to do it..”

Something concerns you about this comment…

“What do you mean ‘sort of’!?” you exclaim.

“Well, I’ve got this Mallet, this Allen Key and this Swiss Army knife. They’re not ideal if I’m honest but I reckon they’ll do.”

“Right” you say confused.

“You see my firm won’t let me use any tools available” he continues “I’m restricted to using these tools to help

you…as the firm I work for make more money if I use specific tools!”

At this point, let me ask you a question…

How long would it take you to sling him out of your house? 

The strange thing is that whilst this would be ridiculous to engage a boiler engineer who had such a limited toolbox when seeking financial advice is that you’ve still got two options…

Restricted – where an adviser is usually severely limited in the range of solutions they can recommend. 

Independent – where an adviser has complete independence to select the best solution for you to achieve your financial goals.

Now when you’re picking an adviser to work with they’re are a wide range of factors you need to consider…however I’d recommend one ‘hygiene factor’ you use is to always ensure that the firm you choose is independent.

We’re proud to be independent as a business for one reason…

Not being restricted means we’ve got the flexibility to find the best solution to do the most important thing we can do…

 Help our clients achieve their financial goals.

 Famous Social Psychologist Abraham Maslow once said…

“If all you’ve got is a hammer….every problem looks like a nail”

I’d like to do me a favour…

If you need someone to help you achieve your financial goals ensure that they’re independent enough tools designed not to ‘just do’ but to do their best in helping you.

For more information about how we might be able to help feel free to get in touch on 01708 606 202 or

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