IF you don’t hear from me I’ll be in a lake

I’m away on holiday early next week so whilst we’ve got people in the office looking after our clients. The pleasures of a family holiday to Venice and Lake Garda is required to recharge my batteries ready for a busy second half of the year.


It’s been a busy 6 months at Cervello. We’ve had some challenges but thankfully continued to grow, continued to help our clients and continued to support our commitment to our clients by working hard to build our team. However now for me it’s time to take a little break…


I’ll be back at the start of September raring to go after jumping in lakes with the kids, catching up on some reading and generally having a bit of rest and relaxation (although Cassie would tell you what I’d call ‘relaxing’ is not traditionally considered as particularly relaxing!)….A trip to Verona is planned and loads in-between!


So, for now….I hope you’ve had a relaxing summer…you continue to have a great time and I look forward to writing to you again at the start of September.

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