Italy, Lemoncello and why time is a more valuable commodity than money.

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So, September has arrived and whilst my social media feeds at the end of August were full of people complaining about the change to more autumnal weather I was in Italy with the family.

We had a great couple of weeks wandering the streets of Venice and Verona, Swimming in Lake Garda, going up mountains Mount Baldo and eating quite a lot of Pizza and Pasta.

I may have also developed a slight Lemoncello obsession…and find myself wondering why us brits don’t have as a stylish way to finish off a meal as a small glass of Bright, tasty lemon flavoured goodness and a similarly awesome word (Digestivo!…a term I really like!)

Spending time with Cassie, Charlotte and Sophie was great. We laughed, we made silly jokes, we played.

I love my families optimism. I love their slightly strange perspective on life (something I’m afraid I’m responsible for). I love the fact that they make me laugh, make me think and make me proud every day…

I love them almost as much as Lemocello (I jest of course!)

I also appreciate the time we have together and intend to make sure I’m not one of these dads who always threatened to ‘be around more often’ but never was…

It’s interesting.

When I sit down with our clients a lot of work we do isn’t directly about money.

Money as a commodity is valuable…but it’s certainly not as valuable as another arguably far more limited commodity.


 Having conversations where you understand what someone would rather spend their time doing than what they are doing today…be it starting a business, spending more time with their children or grandchildren or travelling the world allows us to help them build a financial plan to support them to achieve these goals.

It’s why I believe that good financial planning conversation primary focus shouldn’t be on investment returns, tax wrappers and products but goals, hopes , dreams and aspirations.

Your conversation with your financial planner should be about understanding what makes you happy…and ensuring you’ve got the freedom to spend more of your time doing that…

If like me that includes spending more time with your kids, more time travelling and more time enjoying lifes little pleasures (like Lemoncello) then all the better….

If you need a financial planner to help you understand whether you’ve got enough money to do these things…feel free to give us a shout.

…if you want to understand how we do this feel free to contact us to find out how we work  feel free to get in touch on 01708 606 202 or

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