Why we’re proudly supporting this years Havering Business Expo (again!)

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As a business we’re fortunate enough to have both personal and business clients we help all over the UK…

From Edinburgh to Egham (or Cambridge to Chelmsford if you prefer) we support both our private and business corporate clients ‘get clear’ on what they want to achieve, help them understand the gap between where they are and where they want to be and then take action to help them get there.

However whilst many of our clients see us in our City office (in the lovely Citypoint building)…Our main office, and team base is in the London borough of Havering (in a building we share with Rainham Library – which is an awesome fit when you consider my love of books!)

Havering is an interesting place. It’s a London borough with an Essex postcode. It’s a little bit leafy but also pretty close to the city, it’s seen as commuterville but but it also has a thriving business community and, according to recent research Havering also has the largest number of start ups per sq km in London.

I’m proud to be a Havering resident, proud to employ people who live (and now work) in Havering and whilst our clients are geographically spread proud to call ourselves a ‘Havering business’.

Being proud to be Havering business is one of the reasons that for the 2nd year running we’re supporting the Havering Business Showcase run by Havering Chamber of Commerce on the 1st of October. It starts at 6:30pm and is being held at Queen Theater in Hornchurch. If you’re in business in or around Havering you should absolutely come along..

You can book your ticket here…


I look forward to seeing you there..

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