From survival to significance…and why we’re going to be writing about ‘living our values’

Like any organisation, as our business develops the perspective we have on what we believe in as a business has changed.

Initially when I first became self employed (I’m not convinced I’d call myself a ‘business owner’ back then) nearly 9 years ago it was all about survival…making sure I wasn’t part of the not insignificant number of small business which don’t make it every year.

Then, after a couple of years I became focused on sustainability…how do I make sure the long hours and hard work I’d put in for the first couple of years meant that I was building a business built to last. This was another huge learning curve and it took me years again to start to build the right systems, build the support team who are best positioned to help my clients and continue to grow my business.

Whilst the work to ensure we’re sustainable business never stops my focus over the last couple of years has been more focused on what we actually stand for as a business.

You see I’m a firm believer in the power of a business to be greater than ‘just the money’…after all we talk to our clients about using their own personal wealth to live a life they deserve…the question I asked myself was similar in nature?


Does my business represent what we believe in as individuals?

To be frank at a point in time a few years ago it probably didn’t. However we’ve done some work over the past couple of years to be really clear on what we represent as a business…and once we’d given it some thought the answer was surprisingly simple…


We always want to have fun – That doesn’t mean we don’t take our obligations seriously…far from it. However we do want to ensure we work with clients who we love spending time with and love spending time with us.


We always want to be fair – This means that we strive to give credit when credits due, ensure our clients understand when we’re going to do what we say, how much it’s going to cost and how we’re going to work together moving forward.


We always want to focus on consistent improvement – We want to ensure we’re always working hard to improve the service we help our clients with.


We believe in the power of ‘doing well’ and ‘doing good’ – We want to make sure our business has a positive impact in the world…not just financially successful.

The challenge with values is that we’ve all seen values which companies say they represent but unfortunately lose their way….especially as they grow.

However in our business we wanted to have a focus on ensuring we practiced what we preach and continued to ensure we live our values in our business…

So, in the next few weeks I’ll be writing about how our values manifest themselves in the work we do every day. With our clients, with our team and within the communities we’re proud to be a part of…


Hope you enjoy the stories we’re going to tell…

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