Perception vs Reality and why if you’re looking to make loads of money quickly we’re not the firm for you

I’ve written before about the difference between perception and reality.


Last time I wrote about the main value a good financial planner adds (a good financial planner should provide clarity, solve problems and stop people making expensive financial mistakes) compared to what people assume we do (sell a product)


However I want to tell you another difference between the perception of ‘financial advice’ and the reality by telling you a story…


A few days ago I entered into a conversation with someone I hadn’t met before. As we spoke he told me about his life including his PHD in systems modelling…which told me that intellectually this guy was no slouch!


However after we spoke for a little while he asked me a question…


“So as a financial adviser how do you recommend people make the most money in the quickest route possible.”


I had a simple two word answer…


“We don’t”


He looked surprised and asked me why…which is when I elaborated.


“Our job is to help our clients achieve their goals. This means sensible not speculative investments. Our job isn’t to take speculative risks…but to ensure that we’re balancing risk and reward to give our clients the best opportunity to achieve their goals.”


“Okay” he said “I understand”…


It’s interesting.


We know in life that there is no such thing as ‘overnight success’…but when it comes to investing some people still assume it’s possible to invest and make huge gains without taking risks they may not be comfortable with.


Investing prudently and sensibly in line with your financial goals is, for the majority of people, the right thing to do over the long term and the majority of the time the financial ‘offers’ which make promises they can’t keep are either Scams or the clients are underinformed on the potential risks they might need to take to achieve their goals.


So, if you’d like for us to make you as much money as possible in the shortest timeframe…we’ve not the firm for you.


However if you want realistic, pragmatic, sensible advice designed to help you achieve your longer term goals whilst managing risk feel free to give us a call to see if we’re able to work together.

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