The centuries old quote which will help you think differently about achieving your financial goals

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As I sit here writing this blog I find myself thinking about how interconnected we all are…

As I type I certainly wouldn’t have a clue how to build a laptop, or mine the materials required to build a laptop, or design a laptop, or manually engineer a connection to the internet (if it was anymore complex than just connecting to the Wifi)….with every component part designed, built, mined by someone else

I’ll have porridge this morning in a ceramic bowl made elsewhere, containing oats and honey and banana and raisins all farmed and delivered to my local supermarket in a massively complex chain of individuals all performing their own individual roles so I can have my breakfast!


Whilst I can exercise at home I’m off to a class later to get both the expert help of the trainer and the moral encouragement of the other people in the class as we all go through a process of exhaustion and then elation as the endorphins kick in!

So, John Doone the 17th century poet was right when he said…

“No man is an island”

We now take for granted that we need each others help. We all need each other to perform our particular role in society. We recognise this in most aspects of our lives…

However when it comes to our financial affairs there’s often a pretty huge blind spot.

 It’s not unusual for a client to ask for our help only when there’s some pretty important financial decisions made pretty quickly and it’s clear they’ve put off asking for help for a decent period of time before understanding that they need the help of a professional to make sense of their financial affairs and put them on the right path.

I find myself wondering why this is…and I think I know why…

Money is still considered a taboo subject

 There’s been a decent number of studies over the past few years which highlight that we’re more comfortable talking about our weight, or our sex lives than our financial situation (one of the recent ones can be found here –

I know that when I have conversations with clients about their financial situation there’s often a liberation involved with sharing information they’ve kept to themselves probably for way too long and a relief when it’s clear that we’re going to support them to achieve their own financial goals.

You see building a financial plan with a decent adviser is no different to building a house… 

We’re probably all capable of doing it (although with my complete lack of practical skills I’m not convinced I could build a house!) but we’re probably best collaborating with people who can help us do it more efficiently and effectively.

Building a financial plan with a decent adviser is no different to working with a business coach, or strategic accountant, or even a personal trainer…

They’re not going to do all the work for you but will certainly provide you with a clear plan to get you to a place financially which will allow you to achieve the life you desire and nudge you in the right direction.


Building a financial plan with a decent adviser and knowing that you’re either on track financially or know what to do to get there is one of the most liberating things you can do…

After all sometimes we all need a little help…and to modernise John Doones quote…

No man (or woman) is an Island.

If you need some help to do this…feel free to contact us on or 01708 606 202.

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