Boiling blood and why despite some good news about pensions a lot more work needs to be done

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My blood boils when I hear the stories.

Stories of hard working people who have worked hard and done the right thing. They’ve saved bit by bit and found themselves with a really nice little nest egg for their later years. The money they’re relying on to fund their later lives…

…and then they receive a call out of the blue.

In this call these hard working people are made to worry, told lies and promised the unbelievable all with one end in mind…

To con hard working people out of their hard earned pension funds.

The good news is now that it’s now illegal to call people out of the blue and start a conversation about pensions (more details in this news article now)…

This probably won’t stop the scammers entirely…..These unscrupulous individuals (and their dodgy firms) will either continue to call (and ignore the law) or find different ways to trick people.

However the important thing to be aware of the practice of someone out of the blue to discuss their pensions is now against the law….

….however there’s still a decent amount of work to do.

You see we need to ensure that as many people as possible know that pension cold calls are illegal…

That’s so the next time someones mum, dad, brother, sister, aunt or uncle get a call out of the blue from someone to ‘review their pension’ they know that’s immediately dodgy and can immediately put the phone down…

So, I need a favour….

Tell someone you love about this news article. Tell them that if they want advice there’s plenty of really good highly qualified ethical advisers who can help them. Advisers who will never make a cold call but work purely from recommendation. An adviser you probably know, like and trust.

That way we can make sure that this law is as effective as possible and far fewer people get scammed.

Thanks for your help…

If you need some help to do this feel free to contact us on or 01708 606 202.

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