“Our clients pin our contact details to their wall so that they never worry about their finances again” – how we add value”

We act as Trusted Counsel to our clients. The Oxford English Dictionary defines Trust as ‘a firm belief in the reliability, trust, or ability of someone or something’ and counsel as ‘advice, especially that is given formally’.

Clients rely on and trust our financial acumen and integrity to formally advise them to help improve their life, to have their best interest at heart and to deliver our advice in an open, transparent, honest way. Based on our experience and ability, as Trusted Counsel we help clients to:

  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Have peace of mind that they have made informed decisions
  • Simplify complex financial jargon and issues
  • Weigh up various risks to protect and improve their position
  • Have an independent overview rather than succumb to biases
  • Receive financial coaching to shape future actions
  • Do the right thing appropriate to them and for their situation

Here are some practical examples of how we deliver our trusted counsel.

  • We save tax for clients by structuring their assets to take advantage of the many tax breaks on offer to them. Often tax allowances and reliefs are wasted each year, increasing the amount of tax payable, which is an unnecessary cost that reduces net wealth and ultimately can affect a person’s life. A single person has over £31,000 of tax allowances they could use each year – a considerable tax saving if used properly.
  • Pensions are notoriously difficult for people to understand. Maybe they are, or are perceived to be. They may be boring to some people especially as there is no instant gratification. Naturally people ‘switch off’. We take our time and cut through the financial jargon for our clients so they understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. In simple terms, a pension scheme is just a type of savings plan to help our clients save money for later life. It also has favourable tax treatment compared to other forms of savings. We simplify matters for our clients so they can make informed decisions.
  • We discuss whether buying an asset is worthwhile and relevant to our client achieving their goals. Around year ago, a potential new client approached me to invest her life savings, a sizeable amount of money, into Bitcoin. Usually our clients needn’t take this type of risk as they are globally diversified in around 12,000 various shares and bonds. For us, diversification is the antidote to market volatility and key to successful long-term investing. However, when we advised her to avoid this strategy as it carried significant risk that did not outweigh the rewards, she decided to seek alternative advice. Since then Bitcoin has fallen in value from $11,500 to $3,600. We make sure our clients have a core financial strategy in place first before they start speculating with their future.
  • As independent financial planners we have no affiliation with any financial organisation and we certainly do not get remunerated by them. We therefore offer our clients unfettered, unbiased and non-judgemental advice and guidance. We are emotionally unattached to our client’s lives (albeit we care tremendously about them) and therefore act as an objective financial coach and planner. This allows our clients to objectively weigh up the pros and cons so that biases do not stop them doing the right thing to improve their position.

What our clients say provides us with reassurance that we are consistently adding value. Here is what some of our clients have said:

  • “Cervello provides the expertise and management of our financial portfolio with a special element of personal care and attention. Our comfort and trust is absolute”. Steve Green, Retired, Oil & Gas Consultant
  • “When you deal with Sam, you know that you can trust his recommendations implicitly, and live a better life”. Eric Gilston, Business Coach & Author.
  • “Through his expert financial knowledge and understanding Sam Whybrow’s advice and guidance has allowed us to make considered and focused decisions concerning our future wealth management. It is a true testament to Sam’s people skills that he has generated a trusted and valued working relationship. Not only that we actually like the guy”. Phil Hobbis, Partner, Creative Design Agency
  • “We have known Sam for a while now and he has been extremely patient and understanding to our (often) chaotic professional lives in getting something set up. His advice has always been sage and clear. He has taken time to understand our business and our personal situations also. He has proven to be someone we can relate to and he has gained our trust implicitly”. Mat Hodgson, Co-Founder, CEO and Director, Production Company

A recent study by Vanguard entitled Adviser’s Alpha: Putting a value on your value, concluded that by working with an adviser, the potential value added relative to a do it yourself client experience is around 3% pa in additional net worth. We firmly believe that we can, and have, added as much to our client’s bottom line whilst offering a highly personal service. Over time, this differential can be significant.  It could be the difference between success and failure. Start the conversation with a financial planner now. It could be the best investment you make.

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