Three reasons why we might want to learn about money from our grandparents…

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There’s a lot of things that have changed about Britain in the past 80 years…most of them broadly positive.

We’re healthier, living longer and wealthier than our grandparents and certainly our great grandparents. We’re more educated, better connected and have far more opportunity

However, and maybe I’m being nostalgic, there are certain things we can learn from our near ancestors which could potentially help us…certainly when it comes to having healthier financial lives.

Firstly there was a focus on ‘keeping calm and carrying on’….Whilst this isn’t always good advice (particularly when it comes to thinking about our own mental health!) we can learn a decent bit from this when it comes to how we manage our money. We recently explained this in a recent video (insert link or embed video), the emoji guide to investing, which (thinking about it!) merges an ancient stoic philosophy of not panicking about the things you can’t control with the more modern phenomenon of the emoji!

Secondly is savings habits. I remember my Nan had a man knock on her door once a week, collect some cash, and return week in week out. My Nan didn’t have extensive investment knowledge but understood one thing over and above anything else…

Savings habits, regularly contributing to something over years and years, is a smart way to achieve whatever financial independence looks like for you….although to be fair you’re more than likely to achieve this if you’ve got a plan as well as these habits!

My Nan probably didn’t have a sophisticated financial plan but certainly appreciated the lump sum she got many years later when the regular savings she made week in week out paid off…

Thirdly it was an understanding of what’s important is often the least expensive things. Whilst it might be nice to have nice things I certainly believe that the time we spend with the people we love is way more important than the money we spend.

My childhood wasn’t particularly wealthy however the bits of my childhood I remember most fondly is the time I spent with the people closest to me…as opposed to the money spent on me. Apart from my He Man bed sheets…they were of course Amazing!

So, here’s three reasons why we might want to learn about money from our grandparents…

What do you think?

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