Advice, networks and why I believe people are more important than pound notes

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Every now and again I receive an email or message from someone thinking of starting a career in financial planning, starting a financial planning business or even starting a business more generally who is looking for a little guidance about the factors they should think about when in this position.


My particular ‘take’ on running a business in a sustainable and successful way might be different from others as I firmly believe that whilst there are always commercial drivers on the success of any business…


…the people you choose to work and build relationships with over the longer term say more about your future success than one particular years profits.


It’s why as a business our focus is on developing long term mutually beneficial relationships not on ‘how much business’ a particular individual can help us with.


Our business is about helping people make the most appropriate financial decisions (both within their business and personally) so they can live the life they want. This takes a relationship of trust and this normally starts with either one of our clients, or one of our network choosing us to help their clients, family members or friends.


However there’s also something really important about building a network of people in business you can trust. I believe if you’re doing it right the connections you make and the networks you build should become more than business connections but also friends. People you like, know, trust and love spending time with.


This week I’ve had a couple of conversations, one with someone who I know really well and one with someone I’ve met really recently, about something quite personal. Nothing to do with business but a lot to do with the challenges we all face in life…


…these chats really helped me clarify a couple of things in my mind.


I like to believe, watching life through my rose tinted glasses, that most people are really good. I know some of you reading this might disagree but one thing I do know…


The people in both my personal and professional network are, on the whole, really good people. 


People who care. 


People who really want to help. 


People who want to do the right thing.

I don’t take this for granted…and whilst this article isn’t about ISA’s or pensions or allowances or anything particularly financially related it’s actually about something far more important than that…

It’s about people…not just pound notes.

So, I know the next time I get approached by someone looking for advice about starting a business, or starting a career in financial planning my first and most important tip will be super clear…

Work hard to meet and build relationships with amazing people. In the long term this always pays off…both professionally and personally.

What do you think?

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