A man, a question he couldn’t ask me and why I’m going to be talking about ‘enough’

“Enough?” said the man…


“Yes” I said “How much is enough?”


“For the rest of my life” The man said…”I really don’t know!”


Then he said something really interesting. A comment I’ve heard many times before: –


“What do your other clients say?”


My reply to this question is always the same…


“It doesn’t matter”


You see the number you need to accumulate to achieve financial freedom depends on so many factors.


It depends on your lifestyle, your age, your hopes, dreams and aspirations, your future goals for both you and your family….it depends on a wide range of factors.


However there’s one factor which doesn’t have an impact to your journey to financial freedom…


What other people think….or do.


It’s fair to say we’re all influenced by other people. We’re social animals. We work together to achieve more. We clearly need each other…No man (or woman) is an island!


However when it comes to the level of wealth you need to achieve your version of financial security….the only person who can decide is you.


After all it’s based on your hopes, dreams, aspirations, spending habits, family affairs….and you can’t borrow other peoples if you truly want to ensure you have enough money to achieve any of these things.


Over the coming few weeks I’ll be talking through some strategies to work out ‘how much is enough?’ and the questions you might want to consider to help you get there…


I hope you find the upcoming blogs useful

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