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We work with individual’s and companies which employ

At Cervello we work specifically with individuals and companies who employ…

Our individual clients are usually individuals who are at a stage in life where financial clarity is increasingly important. Our individual clients have usually had decent levels of success building their own businesses or in their own careers and are usually within ten to fifteen years of retirement.

Our clients have usually made provisions financially, often having significant savings and pensions, but now want to link these savings to the life they want to live as they approach retirement.

Our individual clients usually work with us both approaching retirement and beyond and our service is designed to support you over the longer term. This is why we see the majority clients at least annually to ensure they remain on track to achieve their goals (both financial and otherwise) and we provide focus, reassurance and professional advice on the best ways to financially achieve their goals.

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Our corporate clients are a diverse in size and nature. Our clients include fashion retailers, charities, technology businesses, hospitality, and childcare and range from thousands of employees all the way down to relatively small businesses. They do however have a number of factors in common. Typically our employers understand the importance of a happy, healthy motivated workforce and consult with us to help build an employee benefits package which helps employers keep, reward, retain and attract their best people.

For these clients this also includes ensuring we help them meet their obligations under automatic enrolment but also ensuring the pension scheme all UK employers are now obliged to provide but also works to attract and retain the members of their team.

We usually work with key decision makers within organsations. This is usually the HR manager, the Financial Director or the managing director (often this is also the owner of the business).

Does this sound like you? Click here to get in touch to arrange your initial meeting, held at our expense, to see how we can help you.

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